Kultivate Marketing and Social Media Coordinator Jessii Warrhol is back with another edition of SL Etiquette 101! This time she finishes her series on how to date in Second Life, with a focus on where to go on a date:

We have come to the end of this series, How to Date in Second Life. But do not fret, I am sure that this is a topic that will be revisited in the future and you can recap parts 1 and 2. In our last installment I will focus on where to take that special someone on a date.

One of the great things about Second Life is that you can visit vintage Paris, fly an airplane, go shopping, dance in a sky ballroom, and go home to cuddle in your mansion and you can do this all from the comfort of your living room! Dating can be fun in Second Life and if you have met someone special or are in an established relationship, consider planning a date night or an entire day even!

If you are going on a date for the first time in Second Life, think about your date’s interests. Are they into rock music? Do they prefer long quiet walks? Would they prefer to sit in a restaurant and chat? Knowing what your date likes will help you to plan the date’s activities. Below are further tips:

Do Not Overdo It: While its fun to be romantic, do not over do it. This means do not book that honeymoon suite, shower your date with gifts, and profess your undying love for them on the first date. You probably would not do this in real life and you definitely should not do this in Second Life. We live in an age where we want our dates to be nice and kind, but we also want them to give us the necessary space to make up our mind about whether or not we should even pursue a relationship with you.

Consider the Lag: Lag is an issue in Second Life. If you or your partner do not have a computer that can handle busy places such as clubs in Second Life, then consider going elsewhere or you may spend the entire date crashing and complaining about the lag. There are plenty of quiet sims in Second Life that are low lag and you can enjoy each other’s company without crashing.

Do Not Bring Up Exes: This is something you would not do in real life, you definitely should not do it in Second Life. Continuously talking about your exes could lead your date to think that you are not over your ex or that you are simply seeking a replacement. While it is ok to talk about an ex in passing, you should not stay on that subject.

Dress to Impress: You should strive to make your avatar look it’s best. Remember that impressions are everything.

Scour the Destinations Guide: If you are having trouble finding places to go in Second Life for a date, check the official destinations guide. From restaurants to zombie hunting, there are plenty of places listed in the destinations guide that could serve as a date worthy venture. If the destinations guide fails, try search in world or ask friends where do they usually go to hang out.

Avoid the Poseball Sex Talk: Not everyone is interested in Second Life sex from the get go, so you should avoid talking about rolling around on poseballs, those Xcite parts, and anything sexual on the first date. The exception is if you and your date have already discussed it and know that sex will take place later. If so, then get as xrated as you can, if not then you should avoid this on the first date.

Be Imaginative: Remember that in Second Life you can do almost anything. You can visit Paris or London, you can shop in many stores and events, you can club in almost any era, you even go underwater in a submarine! Imaginative dates are fun and will definitely be memorable. They do take time to organize and plan, so you should teleport to places and put together a date itinerary.

This concludes our series on How to Date in Second Life! Join us later this week for another SL Etiquette 101 article!




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