Aldiladeisogni host @Diotima with his “Time”, touching Photographic Exhibition


Kultivate Art Critic and Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the Time Exhibition @ Diotima:

Sensuality, sweetness and imagination… these are the first words I think of seeing the photo exhibition of Gabriele (aldiladeisogni) entitled “Time“.
This is the first exhibition of this photographer hosted at Diotima.

Red Bikcin, the art curator, gives the welcome to Gabriele writing a “touching“ review.
A set of feelings and thoughts that I share.
Gabriele knows how to effectively use the reflections, the shadows and the lights.
This ability allows him to create real “games with pictures“ in which the model, which is always the same, appears and disappears, reveals and is revealed.
Speaking of the woman portrayed, she is Sonia Gorini (Goor Goor): also she is a photographer in SL and his partner.
The characteristic feature of Sonia is the sweetness, according to my way of seeing and feeling.
Some of the photos are full of sensuality, but the sweetness seems to me to be the trait more prevalent.
Short hair, highlighting the face, seem to tell the vulnerability and sensitivity of the girl protagonist.
From the presentation of Red, you will read interesting thoughts:

“His photographs not look like they were made for a specific target are, however, bright pictures and looking at them is as if  we were introduced in a game of multiple mirrors in which you can see reflected your emotions.
Looking carefully at his images one by one, we are trapped in an abyss of perceptions and feelings in which the light and the delicate arrangement of colors play an important role“.

I agree with Red words, the exposition of Gabriele have exactly these features and this artistic taste.
In some way, the photographer knows how to create a silent communication  between him and the model.
This dialog enables him to make the best out of the shots he captures.
The show is hosted at Diotima, in the bottom of the article I leave all the references to visit the beautiful photo scenery by Gabriele.

Where do I find…?

“Time”, Photo Exhibition by Gabriele @Diotima

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